Thursday, 13 November 2014

BUCS round-up

UCLan Rams kicked off their BUCS American Football season with a comfortable 34-6 victory at LJMU 1st.

Men's Football 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th were all in knockout action and all progressed to the next round of their competitions. Women's 1st enjoyed a 3-1 cup success at home to Lancaster 1st, but the 2nd team lost heavily in the league at Bolton 1st.

Women's Rugby Union 1st and our Men's 2nd team both progressed to the next round of their cup competitions after wins against Bangor 1st and Chester (Warrington) 1st respectively.

Men's Hockey 1st & 2nd both crashed to heavy cup defeats, but Women's 1st progressed after a 3-1 win at Chester 1st.

Men's Basketball 1st picked up their second league win of the season with an 87-72 success at Sunderland 1st. Men's 2nd beat York St John 1st 100-81 to go through to the next of the cup, but Women's 1st are out after losing 47-42 at home to Keele 1st.

UCLan Netball 1st won for the first time this season with a 53-42 league success at home to Northumbria 2nd. Our 3rd team reached the next round of the cup after a 61-11 success at Chester (Warrington) 1st.

Men's Badminton 2nd lost 8-0 in the cup at Manchester 3rd, while Women's 1st lost 5-3 in the league at home to Sheffield Hallam 1st.

Women's Tennis 1st and Men's Fencing were both defeated in their cup competitions, but Men's Tennis 1st, Men's Table Tennis 2nd and UCLan Squash 1st all progressed to the next round.

UCLan Golf 1st triumphed 5-1 at Nottingham 1st.

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