Monday, 2 September 2013

Scorchers looking to build

Hugely popular in mainland Europe, Handball is quickly growing in the UK. UCLan Scorchers were founded after Great Britain's venture into the sport at London 2012, with the aim of establishing Handball as a recognised BUCS competition.

Scorchers Chairman Nick Gaunt is keen to get more people into the sport: "We started the Scorchers last year, after a few of us saw Handball for the first time in the Olympics. Our members were few - mainly international students as it's a lot bigger abroad than it is here.

"However, our aim is to get more members and hopefully grow the sport in the UK. This year we plan on having enough people for three teams - two male and one female. At the moment we have to organise games ourselves, as we are yet to be acknowledged by BUCS.

"Last season we had three friendlies - two against Edge Hill University and the other against Liverpool John Moores. We are really looking forward to playing Edge Hill again as tempers were high last time and it's definitely the beginning of a healthy rivalry between the two clubs. The Scorchers owe an awful lot to Sport 4 U, as they helped us with coaching and finding new members."

Anyone interested in joining the club can visit their stall at the Sports Fair on 20 September at 53 Degrees or email Nick.

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